How and Why

This was in FAQ. But I recently realised this need to be clarified first in any situation. Two points first.

  1. I am a full time machine learning researcher, which means I focus on academic work >=9 hours per day including (except some permitted holidays). My experiences outside the academy include technology transfer and commercialisation, and course development. (Details given [below]). In a word, connecting the academic, industrial and financial sectors. This is about my philosophy about research, about understanding how the private/industrial funding body works, and about how to guide these resources back to support research (for example, efficient locating industrial funding for a research project).

  2. With a few years of experiences, I am now fully qualified to work in private invest funds by passing the assessment of Asset Management Association of China (AMAC certificate no.201810428875630042 and 201810428800184042, photocopies available on request).

Companies And Activities


  • I am AI project manager of RTCInnovation, led by investment director Dr. Yu (who is also my business partner in several cases). My main responsibilities includes, consulting advice on technology development and commercialisation of AI and medical imaging related projects, assessment of investment/business plans, etc.

  • RTC Innovation transfers technology from leading UK academic and research institutes to industry. We assess the commercial potential of technologies, source investment and advise on commercialisation and marketing strategies. With a strong network of research contacts, investors and industrial end-users, RTC Innovation takes cutting edge technologies to the global marketplace.

  • We have long-term collaborations with leading academic and research institutes across Europe and China. Successful cases can be found here. Representative examples include, Oxford Multi Spectral Ltd., Birmingham 3D Engine, Imperial Institute of Advanced Technology, etc.


  • Imperial Institute of Advanced Technology (Digong (Hangzhou) echnology Industry co Ltd.) is initialised by a group of researcher of Imperial College London. It is a new comprehensive research institute focusing on international collaboration on training, education, research, technology transfer of AI and medical imaging research outputs between China and Europe. We are supported by several world leading universities, the local government, healthcare centres, and investors, and building up a series of incubators, research centres, high-tech companies in Hangzhou presently.

LSDOcean and

  • We have also built up a few start-ups in both UK and China. More details will be given later.


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